9 Bellevale Road
Yass NSW 2582

Saleyard PIC - NC996202

Sale Times
Sheep Sale
Wednesday - 11am
Cattle Sale
Thursdays - 8am
Store Cattle Sale
4th Friday of every month - 10am

Nick Harton, Braidwood and SELX on 0418 571 711
Ben Hindmarsh, Moss Vale, on 0499 450 050
Mike Holmes, Goulburn, on 0438 625 004

The Jim Hindmarsh & Son team have been operating at SELX (Yass), as foundation Agent members since it's opening in August 2016.

The complex is proving to be a valuable part of the marketing structure available to our clients already, with our experienced livestock crew being involved in Prime Sheep and Lamb sales every Wednesday, Prime Cattle sales every Thursday, Store Cattle sales on the last Friday of every month and Special sheep sales .

The SELX complex is well worth going to see, as a state of the art selling centre, and we always encourage clients to go and watch their livestock sold wherever that may be in our system, so they can see not only how it all works, but also to see how their livestock perform and why.

Our agents, Nick, Mike and Ben, are always happy to explain the process and discuss the stock.

Well situated just off the Hume Highway near the services centre at Yass, SELX is now a valuable corner of the triangle of saleyards we operate in, in the Tablelands and Highlands, Moss Vale, Braidwood , and Yass. All three of these yards have benefits to your particular situation that our team are only too happy to talk about with you, to decide which may be your best option.

Of course we also offer paddock sales, over the hook sales, Auctions Plus assessment and sale in both sheep and cattle.

Jim Hindmarsh and Co, and Jim Hindmarsh and Son, now covering Bathurst to Sydney toNowra, Moss Vale to Cooma to Boorowa to Taralga and beyond.
As clients, you now have many options for marketing your livestock with us, why not give one of the team a call to discuss your selling or buying needs.