Braidwood Saleyards

Saleyard Lane
Braidwood NSW 2622

Saleyard PIC - NG990801

Sale Time

1st Friday of Every Month
Except January

Nick Harton, Braidwood and SELX on 0418 571 711
Ben Hindmarsh, Moss Vale, on 0499 450 050
Mike Holmes, Goulburn, on 0438 625 004
Braidwood has long been known as a great breeding area for cattle, and the Braidwood saleyards has a great history of selling many thousands of calves to restockers up and down the eastern states.

As part of the Jim Hindmarsh and Son selling operation, and part of the wider Jim Hindmarsh operation overall, Braidwood provides a wonderful monthly market for a drawing area that encompasses Canberra, to Goulburn to Moruya and beyond.
Selling on the first Friday of every month (excluding January), the cattle sales include firstly a scale weighed section of overnight curfewed cattle, and then a store section following immediately afterwards.

The selling team of Nick Harton, Mike Holmes and Ben Hindmarsh, are always on hand for any queries clients may have, or to discuss future sales. We also buy on behalf of many clients at all of our selling centres, and the boys can always be seen actively participating at Braidwood to try and secure the right livestock for our clients.

Although Braidwood saleyards does not cater for sheep, Jim Hindmarsh and Son certainly do, and whether it be at sale at SELX (Yass), Auctionsplus or private sale we can cover the Braidwood area.

As clients, you now have many options for marketing your livestock with us, why not give one of the team a call to discuss your selling and buying needs!